Thursday, June 20, 2013


What am I looking for in my life?
Sometimes I feel nothing
in the otherside I have a blessfull family
Sometimes I feel powerless
When facing many things I want to do

I got many challenges to resolved
But I feel empty and powerless
Or, sometimes I dont know where to start

I need to drowning my thoughts
I need to drowning my ideas
into deep inside my mind
and my heart

I need to put off all of my thoughts
I need to put off all of my ideas
Letting my mind empty
Finding  new meaning of my life

I dont know when I can do that
Coz every challenges I got, need to resolved as fast as I can

Every single plan..
doing running race in my life

Sometimes it feels fun
I feel challenged to resolved it

But now,
it doesnt fun at all
I'm tired
And asking
I'm running for what?

Do I complaining my life?
Do I?

I dont know wether this is a complaining or what
I just need new energy
To resolve anything challenging me

Jakarta- Bogor, 20 Juni 2013